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Connecting the world through chat.

Kik is one of the largest messaging apps in the world. Each day, Kik enables millions of people to chat with their friends and family, share photos, videos, gifs and more, and connect with new friends based on similar interests.

5th Most Engaging Social App In the United States

300,000,000 million registered users

Used by 40% of US Teenagers

Sharing Real Thoughts.

Whisper is the largest online platform where people share real thoughts and feelings, forge relationships and engage in conversations on an endless variety of topics - without identities or profiles.

1+ Billion Whispers Created

#1 Most common word on the platform is love ❤️

Top US Social Network for >7 years

The worldwide authority in mixtapes.

Launched in 2005, DatPiff is one of the internets longest running music brands and one of the premier launchpads for upcoming hip hop artists.

15,000,000+ Registered Users

20,000,000+ Tracks

The Manga Universe in your hands.

With thousands of user generated Mangas uploaded to the service each day, Manga Life is one of the most complete Manga readers available.

200,000 Unique Mangas

Fully Customizable reader

New chapters updated daily

Mobile First Test Prep

CoCo E-Learning is an online education platform that offers users test prep tools for a variety of certification tests -- ranging from the ASVAB to the GED.

Support for 40 Different Exams

30,000 unique testers each day

150,000+ five star reviews

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